adventure board games for families

  • Armand Goines
  • Aug 05, 2023

Family Playing Board Games

Playing board games together as a family is a fantastic way to spend quality time and create lasting memories. However, many parents struggle to find games that are both entertaining for adults and easy enough for children to understand. That’s where adventure board games come in!

What are Adventure Board Games?

Adventure Board Games

Adventure board games are games where players must work together to complete a quest or mission. These games often have intricate storylines and complex gameplay mechanics that make them exciting and challenging.

One of the best things about adventure board games is that they are perfect for families. They encourage teamwork and communication, and they can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Here are some of the best adventure board games for families:


Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic is a cooperative board game where players must work together to stop the spread of deadly diseases across the globe. Each player takes on a different role, such as a scientist or a medic, and must use their unique abilities to find cures for the diseases before it’s too late.

This game is perfect for families because it encourages teamwork and strategic thinking. It’s also a great way to teach children about the importance of public health and disease prevention.

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island Board Game

Forbidden Island is another cooperative board game where players must work together to collect treasures and escape from a sinking island. Each player has a unique ability that can help the team, but they must also work together to prevent the island from sinking too quickly.

This game is perfect for families because it’s easy to learn and has a fun, adventurous theme. It’s also great for teaching children about teamwork and problem-solving.

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

Betrayal At Baldur'S Gate Board Game

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is a cooperative board game that takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Players must explore a haunted city and complete quests while also trying to avoid being betrayed by one of their own.

This game is perfect for families who enjoy fantasy and adventure. It’s also a great way to introduce children to the world of Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing games.


Adventure board games are a fantastic way for families to spend quality time together. They encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, while also providing hours of fun and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a game with a fantasy theme or a game that teaches children about public health, there’s an adventure board game out there for everyone.