are card games considered a sport

  • Hugh Colona
  • Sep 12, 2023

Card Games

Card games have been around for centuries and are enjoyed by millions of people globally. They are a form of entertainment that can be played with friends, family, or even strangers. However, the question arises, are card games considered a sport?

What is a sport?


A sport is defined as a physical activity that requires skill and is governed by a set of rules or customs. It involves competition between two or more individuals or teams, and the winner is determined by a specific set of criteria.

Are Card Games Physical Activities?

Physical Activities

Card games, on the other hand, do not require any physical activity. They are played by using the mind and skill to outsmart the other players. There is no physical exertion involved in playing card games, and hence, they cannot be considered a sport.

What about the Mind Sports?

Mind Sports

There are several mind sports that are recognized by the International Olympic Committee, such as chess, bridge, and go. These games require a high level of mental skill and strategic thinking. However, they are not considered a sport in the traditional sense as they do not involve physical activity.

Why do People Consider Card Games a Sport?

Card Games

Some people consider card games a sport because they involve competition, strategy, and skill. Players need to have a good memory, focus, and quick decision-making abilities to win the game. In addition, some card games are played in tournaments, and there are cash prizes for the winners.

So, are Card Games Considered a Sport?

Card Games

In conclusion, while card games do involve competition and skill, they are not considered a sport in the traditional sense. They do not require physical activity, which is a crucial aspect of any sport. However, they are a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and can provide a great way to bond with family and friends.