gladius card game for sale

  • Harlan Paola
  • Aug 12, 2023

Are you a fan of card games? Do you like to play games that challenge your strategic skills? If yes, then you would definitely love to play Gladius, the ultimate card game that combines strategy and tactics to give you an exhilarating gaming experience. In this article, we will talk about Gladius card game for sale and everything you need to know about it.

What is Gladius?

Gladius Card Game

Gladius is a strategic card game that is based on the Roman gladiator theme. The game is designed for 2-6 players and can be played by people of all ages. The objective of the game is to build a powerful gladiator team and defeat your opponents by using various tactics and strategies.

How to Play Gladius?

Gladius Card Game Rules

The rules of Gladius are simple and easy to understand. Each player starts with a deck of 30 cards, which includes gladiator cards, tactic cards, and weapon cards. The game has two phases – the preparation phase and the battle phase. During the preparation phase, players can draw cards, play tactics, and equip their gladiators with weapons. In the battle phase, players attack their opponents’ gladiators and try to reduce their health points to zero.

What Makes Gladius Unique?

Gladius Card Game Unique

Gladius is a unique card game that stands out from other card games because of its Roman gladiator theme and the use of tactics and strategies. The game is not just about luck but also about skill and planning. Players need to build a powerful gladiator team, equip them with weapons, and use tactics to outsmart their opponents. The game also has a deck-building element, which allows players to customize their deck and create their own unique strategy.

Where to Buy Gladius Card Game?

Gladius Card Game Buy

If you are interested in buying Gladius card game, you can find it in most online and offline game stores. You can also buy it from the official website of the game. The price of the game may vary depending on the seller and the location, but it usually ranges from $20 to $50.


Gladius is a fun and exciting card game that is perfect for gamers who love strategy and tactics. The game is easy to learn but challenging to master, which makes it a great choice for both casual and hardcore gamers. If you want to buy Gladius card game, you can find it in most game stores or order it from the official website. So, what are you waiting for? Get your deck of Gladius cards today and start playing!